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ITR Filing

If the ITR is to be said in one line, it will be Declaration of annual Income to the Government and the taxes to be paid to the government. Income can be from salary, profits from businessor profession, capital gain and Income from other sources. Whenever you file ITR, you have to give the written details of the amount of Income you have earned from your job, business, or profession, etc. Apart from income, you need to provide information about investment in tax saving option prescribed by the government, spending on essentials (about reimbursement or tax exemption on bill submission), and payment of advance tax (advance tax) and Self Assessment Tax. Get the Best Consultation on How to file ITR Online or Offline! This is the biggest affair of ITR filing.

Here’s how you go! Online: Online ITR is easier to fill. The process will take only 15 minutes. But the form has to be submitted within the due date prescribed by Government, otherwise penalty and interest will be levied. Confirmation of filing online ITR through everification can be doneimmediately through Aadhar OTP or through digital signature of assessee. Offline: If you are thinking of filling the offline ITR, then the ITR form has to be downloaded. After this, it has to be filled and submitted to the IT Department. There, you will have to submit it physically to the Income Tax Department and get a stamped receipt from the department. We at Tech Munshi, renders you with filing online ITR as well as offline.

ITR documents requirement

These documents will be needed for ITR filing. For filing ITR, the taxpayer will need a PAN card, Aadhaar card, bank account number, investment information, and all the necessary certificates, Form 16, Form 26AS. After this, you have to select correct ITR form which depends on the type of income for which you are filing ITR. Some people take the help of a Chartered Accountant (CA) for income tax e-filing, if you are the one who wants to take the help of a CA then Tech Munshi is the brilliant choice.

Ways of filing ITR

However it is always preferable to go for professional assistance, though you can do it on your own. Here are the best possible ways to file the taxes:

Doing it yourself:

If you have prior knowledge of tax principles and have good command available on all sections and deductions, you can file income tax on your own by logging into the department’s website and writing in all your tax details. The best part of filing returns is that you save all your legal expenses as self-assessment and filing income tax returns is free.

Seeking Chartered Accountant’s Assistance:

In cases of ordinary filing where there is no audit requirement, a person can file his tax return. But where some documents require legal certification or require an audit, then you have to have a Chartered Accountant for getting your Books of accounts audited. Tech Munshi team knows every legal aspect of tax filing and business inquiries. We guide entrepreneurs and individuals in filing ITRs in correct manner to minimise the risk of getting notices from Income Tax Department. Don’t delay your income tax e-filing, contact us today for ITR filing.