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Trademark is generally a sign or logo which represent and symbolize the company or enterprise which distinguishes its business, product or services from others. Almost every well- Known corporates belonging to any industry is known by their customers by their Trademark or Brand Names. 

Using a trademark prevents others from using a company or individual’s products or services without their permission. They also prohibit any marks that have a likelihood of confusion with an existing one.

Why trademark is important?

Registering with trademark assures that no one in the market have the right to use your mark logo sign or symbol, without your permission. Trademarks can be bought and sold. can be licensed, to any other company also.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

1. It protects goodwill of company in the market which represent intangible asset of the company in the market with one owned symbol or name.

2. It creates identity with single ownership which can not be used by anyone without permission of the company which owns trademark.

3. It gives Global recognition to the company.

4. It attracts new customers with the one name brand or attractive trademark attract more customers in the market.

Types of Trademark generally registered In India

Under Trademark Act, 1999, Following types of trademark are registered in India:

3D Trademark 

As the name suggests, 3D Trademark is the type of trademark which uses 3D shaped products or container of the products. I means one can identify the product only by seeing 3 Dimensional shape of product or containers. Most of the soft drink bottles fall in this category.

Pattern Mark

Pattern Mark of Trademark uses definite pattern on their all types of products which distinguishes them from others.

Label Mark

A Label Mark Trademark protects its product by using a same type of label on their products. The label is unique and distinguishes it from other products.

Device mark 

This type of trademark uses a symbol or a Word Mark or combination of both.

Tagline/ Slogans

Some Companies trademarks a definite slogan or tagline as their Trademark that distinguishes its product from others.

Sound mark

A mark represents a melody presented by musical notes series.

Documents required for Trademark Registration:

1. Trademark name (must not be similar with anyone)

2. Logo design of the mark or name in image format

3. Service address (Rent agreement, e-bill)

4. Aadhar card and Pan of proprietor

5. Mail id and number

6. Digital signature 

7. MSME certificate (Udyog Aadhar)