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Turn your vision for social impact into reality with NGO Registration in India! By registering your Non-Governmental Organization, you gain legal recognition, access to funding opportunities, and the ability to make a greater difference in your community. Join a network of change-makers dedicated to social development, environmental protection, and humanitarian efforts.

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What is an NGO and NPO? 

An NGO (non-government organization) or NPO (non-profit organization) is an organization consisting of people, volunteers, institutions, social workers, community, and citizens working in social voluntary organization for the welfare of society.

NGO is a general term which is used to call all organizations working with a social cause without profit making objective. Any person who wants to work for the social cause must register himself or his organization as a trust or society or Section 8 company.

NGO registration process?

An NGO can be identified in its registered form and once it is registered with all the authorities of the Government of India, it can get all kinds of assistance from the government, including financial support for the organization. 

The main objective of these organizations is to work for the welfare of society and to bring positive social change when needed instead of making profits.

What are the benefits of running an NGO?

First of all, all the NGOs must run for social cause. There is no financial benefit in running an NGO. But to promote the concept of NGOs, Government give Tax exemptions to NGOs if they use a certain amount of their income for attaining the objectives of NGO.

Separate legal entity

The NGO has a separate legal entity like other private and public business forms.

Money from the government and other private agencies

Once you have done your NGO online registration, you will get financial support from the government and other private agencies, which want to contribute money for the welfare of society. 

Good staff for your organization

Employees or volunteers who want to work for your organization can contribute their full efforts to your organization because they are working for a wholeheartedly good cause rather than focusing on their pay factor.

No minimum capital requirements

There is no limit to starting your NGO. Once you start working for society, the government or other private institutions will contribute money to the organization.

Ease of transferring ownership or title

Once you register your NGO under Section 8 Companies registration Act, 2013. Then you can easily transfer your ownership to another without any hindrance.

Long-lasting organization

This is an important benefit of running an NGO. If you are serving society, the society will also cooperate to serve you better in the future, which ensures long-term operation of the organization.

National and International Cooperation

Once you start running as an NGO, your efforts for the welfare and change of society will invite national and international NGOs to collaborate with your organizations. In some cases, international companies also invest in non-governmental organizations that work to help the poor or change society.

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Final words

Therefore, it would be wrong if we say that NGO is not a profitable business. If we work for the welfare of poor people or to bring positive changes in society, then we will surely get huge benefits from the society in the form of tax exemption from government, money, land, etc. as well as their support in activities. 

The only thing you need to keep in mind while registering your NGO is the purpose of starting the organization. You should ensure that your objective is to work for the welfare of backward communities and those who are in actual needs.

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